Thursday 9 May 2019 | The Silverstone Wing, Silverstone Circuit | Northamptonshire

Plasma and Corona – What Will You Do With Plasma?

11:30 - 12:10

Tantec will discuss a brief overview of why you would use surface treatments in a modern factory – how it can help with ensuring quality of finish goods and even used as a non-destructive test method for inline hole and leak detection of components.

Tantec will show the latest technology brought forward over the past few months and years which builds on the successful history of the company who have been manufacturing systems sold all over the world since 1974.


  1. What plasma and corona are used for
  2. How their use is transforming from highly specific systems to solving a wider range of problems in many industries.
  3. The types of systems that can be used – discussing the different treatments available – Atmospheric Plasma, Vacuum Plasma, High Frequency Corona, Low Frequency Corona and Ozone.
  4. The considerations for inline and off line treatment and the effect of speed and throughput of parts.
  5. The most up to date systems and future systems coming to Tantec.

Christopher Howey, managing director, Tantec-UK Ltd