Thursday 19 September 2019 | The National Conference Centre | Solihull

Metal replacement at the highest level

09:30 - 10:10

With the high-performance polymer Grivory GV, EMS-GRIVORY has been market leader in the field of metal replacement for many years now. The new material Grivory GVX now takes us a step further. With clearly improved mechanical properties, the range of metal replacement applications has been significantly widened. The exceptional performance provided by Grivory GVX is convincing in every detail!

Grivory GVX is characterised in particular by:

  • highest stiffness and strength values
  • very low warpage
  • simple processing

Added performance

With its exceptional property specification profile, Grivory GVX opens up a completely new chapter in the field of metal replacement.

If all property values of Grivory GV-5H are compared with those of the new material Grivory GVX 5H, the consistent increase in performance is clearly apparent. The further development of Grivory GVX is particularly visible in its low warpage values, more isotropic material properties and flowability.

  1. Higher Performance with increased precision
  2. Superior Mechanical Properties – processing guide
  3. Target Applications
  4. Tailor-made Materials
  5. Advanced Performance

Nigel Barrow, Technical Customer Service Manager, EMS-GRIVORY