Thursday 19 September 2019 | The National Conference Centre | Solihull

Development of British and International Standards on the welding of Thermoplastic Moulded Components, Mechanical Fasteners, Adhesives and Metal Welding

09:30 - 10:10

The workshop is intended to give an informative overview of British Standards and International Standards on Plastic Welding/Joining, Adhesives, Mechanical Fasteners and Metal Welding.

Having spent the last 10+ years investigating safety critical failures in plastic welded joints. George Thirlaway would like to share the knowledge on British Standards and International Standards to other industry sectors.

This workshop will discuss areas relating to Engineering Drawing Symbols, DFMEA scoring, Joint design standards, Imperfection and Verification testing.


  1. BSI Group Structure and Standards Development
  2. Mechanical Performance of Polymer Systems: Welded Assembly and Components–BS 89100:2018
  3. Design standards for Moulded Components: Welded or Joining – New Standard Development
  4. Imperfection and Verification Methods for welded joints – BS 89250:2019
  5. What is happening to BS/CEN/ISO standards? Relating to Engineering Drawings and CAD Models.

George Thirlaway, Director, Witspire Technology Ltd