Thursday 9 May 2019 | The Silverstone Wing, Silverstone Circuit | Northamptonshire

Bollhoff Armstrong Ltd

Böllhoff is a world-class manufacturer of fastening solutions which overcome issues of joining sophisticated dissimilar materials used in leightweighting. Our range of proprietary fastening systems include the world recognised HeliCoil® wire thread insert along with products that

automatically compensate for tolerance build up along with push-on, pull-off reusable vibration and noise dampening fixings. Quarter-turn and bespoke plastics solutions and high speed rivets which can be assembled from one side only and require no pre-prepared hole. Placing threads blind into thin and hollow sections.

We have male or female threaded options. In short, Böllhoff provides a basket of innovative, cost effective solutions to the many varied problems of fastening modern materials. Technical support is provided by a professional team of application engineers.

Stand number: 50
Telephone: 07732316709