Seminars are FREE to attend, however due their popularity early registration is strongly advised.

A seminar programme will run throughout the day covering a range of topics and providing solutions to your fastening design problems and materials selections / lightweighting challenges.

Places for the seminars are allocated on a first come, first served basis as space is strictly limited.

FAST Live Seminar Programme

09:30-10:10 - TBC

10:30-11:10 - The Art and Science of Choosing a Structural Adhesive

Peter Swanson, Managing Director, INTERTRONICS

The use of adhesives to provide a structural bond can take the place of mechanical fasteners – and provide advantages to your business, including performance and reliability improvements, and reduction in manufacturing costs. There are an increasing number of structural adhesives on the market, so how do you choose the best ones to evaluate for your application? There is no universal adhesive which works for everything. Starting with design and working through production and processing considerations, we will discuss the various factors which will influence your decision, and how to develop a specification based on necessary priorities and allowable compromises.


1.What questions to ask, and to whom?
2.Types of adhesive chemistries and their advantages
3.Weighing up performance versus manufacturability
4.How to prioritise and compromise
5.How much does it cost?

11:30-12:10 - Lightweight Fasteners and Why Contact Area Matters

Stefan Szczurek, European Licensing Director, Phillips Screw Company

This session will discuss the evolution of light weight threaded fasteners and why the contact area between the driving tool and the fastener is critical. Examples and case studies will be provided.


1: Where lightweight fasteners should be applied.
2: How to lower fastener weight without compromising strength or joint integrity.
3: How fastener and driver contact has evolved.
4: Why contact area is critical in assuring proper torque transfer and joint strength.
5: How to optimize design for lightweight field serviceability.

Engineering Materials Live Seminar Programme

09:30-10:10 - Albis/Wipag Carbon Fibre Compounds – from waste product to performance resins

Andy Pilling, Regional Technical & Business Development Manager, Albis UK

WIPAG has developed a highly innovative new recycling technology, taking dry carbon fibre waste coming from composite lamination processes and converting it into carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic compounds.

The benefits on offer include outstanding mechanical properties coupled with lower densities – offering customers a stronger, substantially lighter weight end product with volume cost save potentials.

Wipag is the latest acquisition into the Albis Plastic Gmbh group, and further expands the company’s expert product portfolio by providing an ECO weight save solution.


1. The conversion process of carbon fibre laminates to thermoplastic compounds
2. The properties of reprocessed carbon fibres in thermoplastics
3. Comparing Wipag material properties to prime glass fibre filled compounds
4. Weight saving using reprocessed carbon fibres
5. Overall cost save per moulded part using reprocessed carbon fibres

10:30-11:10 - Engineering Polymers for Highest Temperatures

Nigel Barrow, Technical Services Manager, EMS-GRIVORY

Grivory HT "High Temperature" has compared with standard PPA a much stronger performance at high temperature. In fact the HDT/C has been increased by 50 °C and the E-Modulus at 140 ° by 50 %. And this at a reduced melt temperature, which gives a benefit in processing. A further property of Grivory HT "High Temperature" is its outstanding creeping performance.

Grivory HT "High Temperature" allows the designing of components with reduced wall thickness offering reduced cycle time and overall reduced cost and weight saving compared with standard PPA's.

Grivory HT (Polyphthalamide, PPA), is a high temperature Polyamide from EMS-GRIVORY, Switzerland. EMS-GRIVORY is the Polyamide specialist and the European Market leader of PPA's.


1. A guide to processing at high temperatures
2. Freedom of Design – thin walls
3.Suitable applications
4.Hydrolysis Resistance
5.Improved performance in HT

11:30-12:10 - Vistamaxx Performance Polymers – Engineered to Create New Possibilities

Dan Jarvis, Technical and Business Development Manager, Plastribution

Plastribution, the UK´s leading distributor of plastic raw material, works with many of the world’s most innovative suppliers to offer our customers high quality products paired with high quality customer service. ExxonMobil Chemical is one of our principals and we distribute their high performance products: Exceed™, Enable™ and Vistamaxx™ performance polymers.

In this presentation you will hear more about Vistamaxx performance polymers, a specialty polymer based on ExxonMobil Chemical´s proprietary technology. We will focus on the benefits of Vistamaxx polymers and the applications on film and injection moulding. This truly versatile product can also be used in other applications such as extruded parts, hygiene and hot melt adhesives.


  1. Who Plastribution are
  2. What Vistamaxx is
  3. The key attributes of Vistamaxx
  4. The benefits of Vistamaxx in moulded parts
  5. Other application areas for Vistamaxx

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